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Clutter, Clutter Everywhere!!

February 9, 2019

How often have you felt the frustration of this oh-so-common problem?  Well, you are not alone!  1 in 4 people struggle with clutter, an accumulation of more possessions that can fit in an available space.  Think counter-tops full of appliances, piles of mail, random gadgets.  Think nick-knacks, nostalgic but useless items like old trophies, and figurines collected from vacation destinations many years in the past.  Piles of laundry.  Piles of unfinished home “projects” of any sort…. You get the picture.  This is the nightmare of clutter.




But clutter can be managed!  It is possible, and Cleaners in a Click can teach you some tips and tricks!  But first, let’s dive into the why behind the clutter madness.  Why is clutter so awful?  What is the impact of all of this junk?  Why should we make it a priority to de-clutter on a regular basis?


  1. Mental Health


 Perhaps the biggest reason is one you might not have expected – clutter’s impact on your mental health.Too much clutter in your home has been scientifically shown to causes stress, raising levels of cortisol in your body.



It can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, a place that should be a pleasant refuge from the outside world, a place of relaxation, happiness, and pride.

You can’t feel this way if you have piles of junk that you constantly have to move around and out of the way just to get basic daily tasks done.  And you can’t unwind after a long day of work if you then face a never-ending to-do list of tasks and chores at home.It can be so overwhelming that people sometimes say they are drowning in the clutter.  And in extreme cases, clutter can turn into hoarding.

It’s a slippery slope!


2. Physical Health



Clutter can impact your physical health by causing you to eat more unhealthily.  Studies suggest there is a correlation between these two problems.  If you are stressed in your home due to clutter, you are more likely to reach for cookies and other unhealthy snacks to feel better.  If your home is chaotic, your eating becomes chaotic as well. It’s an overall loss of self-control.


3. Productivity



Clutter can inhibit your productivity.  It increases procrastination, makes it harder to focus on tasks and get things accomplished.  It distracts you, interrupting your ability to think clearly.  It’s also hard to find things when you have too much clutter.  You will waste time going through piles when you just have too much stuff and it is a disorganized mess.


As bad of an impact that clutter can have on your life, there is hope!  By tackling clutter on a regular basis, you will reap the following benefits:


  1. Peace of mind, comfort, and happiness in your home again.

  2. Freedom – it is easier to move to a new house if you want, rearrange your furniture, or redecorate different rooms without all that clutter.

  3. More physical space – your home will feel better when you simplify and de-clutter.  You’ll have much more room to move about freely.  Even for a spontaneous dance party in your living room!

  4. More mental space and clarity – less distractions, less on the “to-do” list, less to worry about.  You will get more done!

  5. Financial benefits – By de-cluttering regularly and keeping a more simple lifestyle dedicated to not accumulating more clutter, you can save money. You will no longer be buying things you really don’t need.  And you can even make money by selling things you realize in the decluttering process that you no longer need.

  6. De-cluttering makes cleaning your house so much easier!  So much easier!



In the words of the wise Albert Einstein, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”




So don’t fret, just get to it!  Tackle the clutter beast!  You can do it and we are here to help!  Find more tips here on our website, and be sure to follow us on facebook.com/cleanersinaclick


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