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Spring Clean your Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps!

January 17, 2019

Spring Cleaning your entire home can feel massively overwhelming so we recommend taking it one room at a time, one task at a time and you'll get there in no time at all!


So let's start with bathrooms

  1. De-clutter your bathrooms, en-suites and small toilets etc.

  • If you store cosmetics/toiletries etc outside the bathroom (to be fair, we probably all have a box or three hidden somewhere!), then you'll want to include these areas in today's task too.

  • Any make-up, toiletries, cosmetics etc that you've not used in a year - bag it up and either donate it or dispose of it.

  • Clear away any old fancy soap, candles or other ornaments etc to allow you the space to actually clean the bathrooms.

  • This means cleaning out all laundry too and empty any bins – replace dirty towels and bath mats etc

  • Refill all dispensers, toilet paper, replace towels etc


   2. Deep cleaning your Bathroom Tiles 



This is my least favourite job to do but honestly the one I get most satisfaction from when I am finished! 


  • rinse down all tiles with water first

  • apply chemical and let soak for approx. 5 mins if there’s mould or limescale build up - use a stronger chemical and old toothbrush

  • use a scrubbing sponge or soft brush to remove stubborn soap scum

  • rinse again

  • take a clean dry cloth and dry and buff the tiles to remove and water marks


Problem areas are usually like this:  



  • behind your sink

  • beside & behind the toilet 

  • around your window and high corners

  • and the common worst area is the shower

  • The grout here can be tricky but bleach-based products will help or again you can use a mix of baking soda, lemon fairy liquid and white vinegar paste if you’d rather a more natural option 


      3. Deep Clean the Rest of bathroom



Bathrooms are one room where you need to be careful of the order you clean in So always clean from Clean to Dirty

  • Remove any cobwebs from high level walls, light fittings or around window

  • Mirrors & Glass & window ledge

  • Sink and vanity unit

  • Bath and surround

  • Shower (from top down and outside to inside)

  • Toilet (from the outside to inside bowl)

  • Floor

We know this is probably the room cleaned most often in the house but these are the areas that, we see most regularly, that need some TLC

  • Curtain poles or window blinds

  • Tops of wall cabinets

  • Tops of shaving lights

  • Underside & pedestals of sink

  • Toilet Pedestal and Pipe

  • Soap scum on shower door

  • Sanitize the shower head 

  • Grout on floor tiles – especially around the toilet    

4. How to clean your Shower Head! 



This process applies to all types of shower heads but please note time allowed is shorter for BRASS fittings


  • run the shower for 2/3 mins on HOT 

  • if your shower head can come off - steep the shower head in a mix of hot water and white vinegar (half water/half vinegar) and a scoop of baking soda

  • if it’s fixed - fill a plastic bag with mix of hot water and white vinegar (half and half is good) & a scoop of baking soda - place the bag around the shower head and secure with a cable or wire tie/elastic

  • leave to steep for about 2 hours - for brass no longer than 30 mins 

  • Scrub with an old toothbrush if needed

  • Remove from solution and rinse clean

  • Run on the hottest setting for 3 mins and then cold for 3 to check all the holes are clean and water is running freely


    5. Deep cleaning your bathroom floors



This would always be the final step in cleaning your bathroom.

  • Lift all mats, bins and objects that would prevent a thorough clean

  • Vacuum the floor fully paying attention to corners, edges & behind sink/toilet

  • Treat any stained grout but applying a paste of baking soda/white vinegar (leave 1 hour)

  • Wash floor fully from furthest point to the door rinsing any grout treatments fully

  • When floor is full dry, replace all objects, bins and mats etc












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