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Our Top 5 Clean Kitchen Tips

December 10, 2018

I feel fairly safe in the assumption that if our house is anything like the rest, the kitchen is the room that gets the most traffic and ultimately takes the most cleaning! 


It's the one room in our home that I will go to town on, especially before Christmas when there is extra cooking going on, more guests and more time family spent there in general.


So we've put together a list of our top 5 challenges when it comes to keeping your kitchen spotless and visitor ready!


Kitchen Cabinet Tops


To clean - Vacuum or brush off excess dust and debris and spray the greasy surface with a ready made degreaser chemical or if you'd prefer to make you're own you can mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of fairy liquid into a bowl of very hot water (make sure you wear heavy duty rubber gloves) and apply this using a sponge to soak the area being cleaned.  Depending on how long it has been since this area has been cleaned you may need to use a scraper to remove everything, or a cloth if it's not too bad.  then rinse and dry.


This area only needs done maybe once per year and you can make it super easy on yourself next time round by lining the press tops with grease proof paper or newspaper when you're finished.



Cooker Hoods and Extractor Units


The same chemicals will work for this area but be careful of ready mixed chemicals you use on kitchen cabinets  - make sure they are suitable for your particular type of finish.  We would recommend checking and cleaning your filter every 3 months - especially if you cook every day.  The canopy and filters become really greasy and if left to build up longer than that can become a fire hazard.  

To clean the filter, remove it from the hood itself and remove and dispose of the fiber filter (if applicable).  Replace this with a new piece of filter fiber and make sure to cut it to the correct size.  


If you've got a mesh/metal filter remove it from the canopy and place into a basin of boiling hot water with fairy liquid and baking soda (as per the mix above)  Again when using really hot water, ALWAYS wear heavy duty rubber gloves to protect your skin 



Kitchen Cabinets


The most common challenge we see with kitchens are the actual presses - both inside and out.  We recommend cleaning the inside out every 6 months and that means taking out all the out of date contents and organizing the insides to allow access to clean thoroughly.  



For the outsides, a wash with really warm water and fairy liquid with a sponge or soft brush will keep them smudge and fingermark free.  Make sure to dry them off properly and if you have units with a high gloss finish, make sure and buff these up to a high shine - you can use glass cleaner to achieve this.



Wall tiles, Floor tiles & Grout


Anyone else just hate that area behind the cooker? And the floor tile grout around the sink and the cooker? It is so hard to keep clean right!?  This one needs your attention more regularly am afraid - for the area behind the cooker  - we recommend cleaning after each use and deep clean using an oxidizing cleaning agent and a small brush (like a toothbrush) once per week.  



For floor tile grout you can use a deck scrub for larger areas or a stiff hand brush to clean smaller areas. 

There are lots of really great chemicals out there but we have found that chemicals that have oxidizing agents are much more efficient at getting the job done!  



Kitchen Appliances


Our top picks here are: Cooker, Fridge and Microwave as all 3 either store or prepare your food and it's critical to keep them clean.  


Ovens should be wiped out after each use and full clean down once a week - it's easier when your oven is still slightly warm (not hot) and our absolute must have product for ovens is Oven-Pride which is a super easy way to get everything cleaned.  It's really important when using strong chemicals like these to open windows in the room you're working in and put on heavy duty gloves and a disposable face mask too if you suffer from any breathing issues.


Fridges can be a little trickier.  a bit like the presses, it all seems fine until you pull out a jar of mayonnaise that is 6 months out of date!  I'd recommend cleaning the fridge out before you go shopping, dispose of any out of date foods and tidy everything up to see what you actually need.  Giving the shelving and doors etc a wipe out with warm soapy water at this stage helps keep the fridge clean all year round.  


We would recommend to turn off and fully defrost the freezer every 6 months. Water filters and drains in the fridge and the freezer can be cleaned out then too.  If you're not sure where your drains are, check your manual or most manufacturers have a how to guide on their websites or YouTube.  Just search the make and model.


Microwaves, if you use one, are fairly straight forward.  Clean out with warm soapy dishcloth after each use and once per week take out the plate and fully clean the inside.  Don't forget the inside roof of the microwave (it's gross, we know!)









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