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Getting rid of pet smells!

June 30, 2017

No matter how much we love our furry friends, there is one thing about them that can be hard to get rid of...their smell!


From your furniture, carpets and even your walls, over time their smell can cling to your home.  And no matter how nose blind we may get, visitors to your home will be able to sniff out the nasty the minute they step inside.


So here's our guide to helping keep the smells to a minimum without banning your pooch to the garden :)  


Vacuuming with a pet around is a big MUST to keep hairs at bay.  Keep the animal odour at bay by vacuuming up some Lenor Unstoppables once per week and this will spread a fresh smell throughout the house.


Investing in a pet throw to protect your furniture is probably the lowest maintenance option and there's some really great options out there!


To keep your fabric furniture smelling fabulous, take off all the throws, cushion covers, removable covers etc and set these all aside for washing. Vacuum everything really well, including all the corners, crevices, under and behind sofas etc.  Sprinkle baking soda over the cushions and remaining fabric and leave to sit over night if possible, but for a minimum of 4 hours to help it absorb all the odours before vacuuming off again.


Although this will remove the majority of the smell, you may want to do a more thorough job by renting a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine or calling a professional cleaning company to do it.  


Clean the walls!  Especially the walls around where your pets come inside the house.  Once you start looking here, you will probably see that there is plenty of evidence that your beloved pooch or kitty like to use your paintwork as a towel.  


Deodourising products are a great last resort but please make sure that you choose pet friendly products.  Spraying a perfume based product only the furniture your pet likes to sit on can cause irritations.


A typical cleaning routine for a pet house would include:


  • Open your windows daily to allow fresh air to circulate

  • Vacuum all fabric furniture and floors every few days

  • Sweep & mop hard floors each day

  • Wash food and water bowls every day

  • Empty litter trays regularly

  • Wash walls and other furniture weekly

  • Wash pet toys and beds weekly


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